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record in california, climbing to $4.67 a gallon today, according to triple "a", but some cities are experiencing even higher prices. for drivers, the good news is prices are expected to fall, but california remains vulnerable to quick price hikes. refinery and pipeline problems have put the squeeze on supplies and california drivers. >> well its pretty crazy. >> i think it sucks. big time i mean its terrible" >> the went up pretty high from last week." >> they just jump them up real quick and then it takes forever to get them back down again it is pretty ridiculous. >> tom: today's average price in the state, $4.67 a gallon for regular unleaded. that's $0.50 higher than a week ago. $0.86 higher than the national average. wholesale gas prices fell today after california governor jerry brown yesterday eased the state's gas-blend requirements. the change allows refiners to start processing a less- expensive winter fuel blend today, about three weeks ahead of schedule. california's strict air quality standards require a specific gasoline blend that's not necessary in other states, r
catholics who support same-sex marriage should not receive communion. the epcopal bishop of california said he will work with cordileone on some issues, but he also said he'd welcome into the episcopal church catholics who "may find themselves less at home" under the new archbishop. >>> we have a lucky severson story now on the growing role of money in the election of judges. in iowa, the governor appoints a supreme court justice and then, later, the people vote on whether to retain that justice. in 2010, a group of christian conservatives organized a million-dollar ad campaign targeting three supreme court justices who had voted to allow same-sex marriage. the lobbyists won, raising the question, in iowa and elsewhere. if justices have to depend on campaign donations, can they remain fair and impartial in court? >> reporter: this was the family leadership summit in august on the outskirts of des moines, iowa. for christian conservatives from throughout the state and from as far away as alaska, this was the place to be. the hot subject of this day was judicial restraint. listen to former re
former mcdonald's executives launched lyfe kitchen last year in palo alto, california. now, they plan to take the restaurant and "it's good for you" menu nationwide. diane eastabrook has more. >> reporter: lyfe kitchen opened in the heart of silicon valley a year ago. lyfe, an acronym for "love your food everyday," serves up burgers, fish tacos, breakfast sandwiches, salads, even organic beer. yet nothing on the menu is over 600 calories it's the brainchild of two former mcdonald's executives and an investment banker. they've rolled out frozen lyfe meals, and next week break ground on a second store near los angeles. in his chicago office today, co- founder michael donahue told me there will be a lot more to lyfe. >> we're looking at new york, we're looking in chicago, and we're looking at a few other major markets. if i put the map on the wall, you could pick them. >> reporter: obviously, in california, you have people who are more health conscious, so this kind of idea would sell very well there. but can it sell in the midwest? can it sell in the east coast? can it sell in the south
. >> reporter: last year, scientists at this california-based biotechnology company introduced a revolutionary blood test. it's said to be 99% accurate in determining whether a child would be born with downs syndrome. the test is for women over 10 weeks pregnant. it detects chromosomal anomalies in the fetal dna contained in their blood. researchers at the company have been busy. they are analyzing blood from the netherlands, the czech republic, israel and other countries. until now, this kind of screening mainly ruire amneoen amy i amniocentisis. such tests run a 0.3 risk of miscarriage. the new test carries no such risk. more than 20,000 women in the united states have already taken the test. andrea has miscarried in the past. when she was pregnant again, she chose the new test. her results were negative. and she had a healthy boy this may. >> i think by gting a yes or a no, it will -- it will help the parents prepare. you know, for what their life is about to encompass. >> reporter: good or bad, the test raises questions. u.s. health institutes are now helping women handle the results. gene
voters are much younger than other racial and ethnic groups. and latinos in california and texas, two states with high hispanic populations, may not see a vote in the presidential election as very important. in 2008, 50% of eligible latinos voted, compared to 65% of african americans and 66% of white voters. latinos make up 11% of total eligible voters in 2012. now as cuban american, why is it that only ten out of 24 million eligible hispanic voters are going to the polls this year? >> that's obviously unfortunate. we want more latinos to go out and vote and be educated on the issues that are occurring. it starts at home. i think that i remember growing up i was sitting around the table, my dad was a political prisoner in cuba he would talk about importance of freedom of democracy i felt that that was sort of took my charge to go out there and get involved and learn the issues and basically what i've been doing so long. we need more of that, the more of the parents being more engaged with the issues and talking about these important issues for the latino community. what is interesting
claims not reported by the state of california last week. the labor department calls the distortions temporary and blames technical factors in its collection process. investors were also on the lookout for news out of europe. european leaders kicked off a two-day summit in brussels to work more on resolving the european union's debt crisis. joining us now with what to expect from that meeting, andres garcia-amaya, global market strategist at j.p. morgan asset management. andres, there's been 22 summits over the past 2 years since the debt crisis started. do you think that the europeans have lost their sense of urgency to solve this? >> i think to a certain extent f you look at, by the way, this is the fourth summit this year alone. but these summits to a certain extent, you can't expect any-- to come out of it. it is important to get the leaders in one room and try to address the big issues. having said that we think the fiscal cries liss probably drag on for a while. when you have 27 politician all trying to agree on one thing it's hard enough in this country with two, imagine 27. s
involves california's proposition 8. that proposition bannedded same sex marriage in california. >> brown: wading into an area where states are voting all the time on. >> absolutely. railroad referendums on a number of state ballots involving same sex marriage. >> brown: just a couple of other cases we might see. civil rights. voting rights act of 1965. >> yes. there are challenges to what is considered the crown jewel of the civil rights movement. section 5 of the 1965 voting rights act requires jurisdictions that have a history of past discrimination in voting to get pre-approval from the justice department or a federal court in washington whenever they make changes in their voting practices. that secon... that section is bg challenged in two cases although the court hasn't said it would review them. also we may see section 5 being challenged in cases involving voter i.d. laws. as you know the justice department has filed a number of suits in states that have enactd voter identification laws. >> brown: all right. now, when we last talkd, things ended with tension, with questions about t
california. he declared the home of the late farm workers' union leader caesar chavez a national landmark. he also held fund-raisers in los angeles and san francisco. his campaign and the democratic national committee raised $181 million in september the most for any month this year. but money aside, it appears romney's performance in last week's highly watched debate has improved his standing in the race. a new gallup tracking poll found the candidates in a dead heat, each receiving 47% among registered voters. the president had held a five-point advantage before the debate. and the pew research center showed romney coming from eight points down to four points ahead among likely voters. there were also signs that he's regained ground in several battle ground states. all of which raises the stakes for this thursday'sen counter between vice president joe biden and vice president shall candidate paul ryan. a debate that will cover both domestic and foreign policy. for more on all this for more on all of this and the differences between the presidential candidates when it comes to foreign policy
part of mexico. california, nevada, parts of utah, texas, new mexico, arizona, colorado. that was all the northern territory of mexico, and there were mexican citizens living on that land before it became part of the united states. as they say in south texas or in northern new mexico, southern colorado, we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us. >> mexicans have a big presence here and they have had a big presence here. and it just does to show you how this country is a country of immigrants. so it's very difficult when you hear people say american values and american values are being threatened by the influx of immigrants from other countries. what american values? american values are values of immigrants that made this country. >> i'll throw out it's easy to argue for an open border, right, like the european community. it is never going to happen here. i don't think so. >> why? >> because the economic differences are so big. when an immigrant here in the united states can make in half an hour what they make a day in mexico, about $5 a day. still immigration has to do with ec
. samsung received a green light from a u.s. district court in california in another case. the company can resume sales of its tablet device the galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. market. the court decided in june to temporarily ban sales. it lifted the injunction after a separate lawsuit in august found this particular tablet did not infringe on apple patents. >>> in other news ahmadinejad blamed the enemies of iran for the fall of its currency. u.s. and european leaders imposed sanctions in july to encourage them to abandon the nuclear missions. >> translator: sanctions are used as a psychological war waged by the enemies. we will not bow to western pressure. >> ahmadinejad said he is confident iran will get past the crisis. he said the country has enough hard currency. he defended himself against accusations from the speaker of the iranian parliament. ahmadinejad said the responsibility does not lie with the government. he called on his conservative rival to stand together against the u.s. and europe. conservative politicians are fighting for power. anians will go to the polls xt je tolect a succe
through southern california bringing some rain showers and some sierra nevada may be seeing intensifying snow showers from late wednesday and out east dry and calm across the eastern half, eastern third of the u.s. conditions are ideal for over night cooling. that could create freezing conditions that could create frost conditions and could kill sensitive plants if left outdoors. temperatures are looking like this. cooling down to 11 degrees in chicago despite the sunshine. 12 degrees in toronto, and out west only 6 degrees expected in winnipeg with a low of minus 3. finally, let's go over to europe then, a strong low that produced heavy rain and strong winds in the southern scandinavian peninsula is moving through southern finland and the baltic. heavy rain in southern france, central france and the alpine region. 100 millimeters of rain has been recorded in parts of southern germany. out west slow moving -- i should say rapid moving fast moving low pressure system affecting iceland with heavy rain and gusty winds and the conditions will spread to the islands as well as the northern hal
, and tennessee valley tonight. out west, a slow-moving and upper cold low is creeping over southern california, bringing coastal rain and inland snow. temperatures looking like this. cooler than average in los angeles with a high of 20 degrees on your thursday. meanwhile, another chilly day for you in winnipeg with a high of only 7. on towards the east, below average along the eastern seaboard. only 16 in washington, c. 14 in new york city. down towards the south, 31 in houston and 28 in oklahoma city. that's it for me now. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
. yesterday a tropical storm. today a categorthree hurricane ading towar the california baja peninsula. we have a pretty storm system. this will keep things wet for western canada. you can see 50 sent mecentimete snow. anher system will be bringing storms through canada. temperatures are looking like this. very warm in the southwest. no problems with snow there. >> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us. are you totally unprepared? just about all of us have something hangen on our walls, pictures, paintings, art work clocks, all can come crashing down and create broken glass. inexpensive picture hook can secure pictures to the wall and help keep you and your family safe. for more information on earthquake preparedness, captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the presidential candidates stayed mostly out of public view to prepare for tomorrow's town hall debate, as a blitz of political ads continued to dominate the airwaves. god eving. i'm judy woodruff. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the newshour tonight, npr's peter overby analyzes the
. [ applause ] >> media from across the globe are converging on the california news conference. the ipad mini has a 7.9-inch screen measuring about 20% smaller than the full size tablet. it weighs about half as much. the least expensive model is selling at a price point $329 lower than previous versions. apple plans to release the new device in the u.s., europe, and japan on friday next week. >> we told you earlier this year that you would see some incredible innovation. >> apple now enjoys a nearly 70% share in a global market it created with introduction of the ipad two years ago. the firm's latest co-founder, steve jobs, had expressed reservation about developing a smaller ipad. he was concerned demand would be low. apple executives went ahead with the smaller device citing stiff competition from its rivals. google and a.m. zob started with smaller tablets less than the full size ipad and those sales are trending upward. microsoft is set to enter the tablet market with its own model this friday. the product comes with a cover that doubles as a keyboard. industry watchers say apple executiv
talk about multiple studies of these machines, every single one found problems and in california, when the secretaries state response sportsdesk study done by independent computer security experts, of all the machines, most of the machines that have been used in california, the red team which is the good guys, who try to break in, they broke into all of them, all of them. the oftware team found robs with all of them. so it is not just debold but the other companies too, but the probably is, with debold who have known about these things for a long time, even with all that is known about debold they are still being voted on. >> rose: might there be some better solution around the corner? >> beyond paper? i mean you are really hanging your argument on paper. >> right. as a scientist, i cannot say that there is not a better solution. i mean obviously there could be a better solution. but somebody to keep in mind is, whatever solution we have, it has to be possible to be able to verify the results. we have to convince the losers, to believe they lost, and the loser's supporters will quest
, based in california, surveyed more than 1,000 public and private non- profit, four-year colleges. it also cited studies showing that more than one-third of recent graduates have jobs that do not require a college degree at all. indeed, in tuesday's presidential debate, republican mitt romney pointed to other research that the disparity between jobs and degrees is even worse. >> we have to make sure that we make it easier for kids to afford college and also make sure that when they get out of college, there's a job. with half of college kids graduating this year without a college-- or excuse me, without a job and without a college- level job, that's just unacceptable. and likewise, you got more and more debt on your back. so more debt and less jobs. >> woodruff: in fact, student loan debt now outpaces credit card debt in the united states and by some measures, exceeds $1 trillion. and in a new "time" magazine poll-- conducted with the carnegie corporation-- 80% of those surveyed said many colleges are simply not worth the cost. 89% said higher education is in crisis. president oba
: iowa, colorado, nevada, florida, virginia, illinois, and ohio as well as burbank california for an appearance on the tonight show. >> woodruff: for more on last night >> woodruff: for more last night's debate, tn again to t expertsn foreign policy- richard haas, president of the council on foreign relations. he's in chicago. and in boston, former u.s. diplomat nicholas burns, now with the kennedy school of government at harvard university. welcome to you both. let me just ask you to start broadly speaking. what do we take away from last night's debate in terms of how well these two candidates understand american foreign policy and would be a good steward of it? let me start with you. nick burns. >> well, judy, this may sound startling to say in our present red-blue divided partisan environment but i think we have two impressive people running for president. they're bonowlgeab. they're both very smart about the issues. both of them have been successful in nearly everything they've tried in their professional lives. president obama was clearly the more knowledgeable and nuan
companies said we have engineers in shenzhen in south china, we have a division in california. when we have a big project to work on with a big deadline the engineers in china work through the night, sleep under their desk, i don't have to ask them to do that. the guys in california, they g home at 5:00 t be home with their families. that's the difference between my country and america. >> rose: so what -- >> and i think as an american i see that there's a country that's very hungry and with a lot of technical talent, great desire to succeed, population that invests in education, science, technology, math. so i think that should be a wakeup call in america for us to remember the virtues that got us here but let's not over do it i always say. china has an innovation powerhouse that leaves a lot to be desired. we're barely at the end of cheap china that is being a sweatshop to the world. >> rose: barely at the end? >> barely at the end. partly to deal with demography and rising wages. and good reasons. chinese families don't want environmental sludge dumped on their children, either. so they'
and head of the norman lear center at the university of southern california's annenberg school for communication and journalism. the center focuses on the bustling intersection of show business and politics. he's be a producer and creenwriteas welas speechwriter for then vice president walter mondale and a colleague of the late u.s. commissioner of education ernest boyer. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> kathleen, the last time you were here you said all we've got left in the search for truth and knowledge is the debate. all right, are you satisfied now? >> no, we did not get an answer to the question that i wanted answered, which is "what are the sacrifices you're going to ask of us? where are you going to get the money that we need in a way that won't tank the economy, that will increase the likelihood of econoc growth?" and so, the problem now facing the country and the candidates is we're going to elect a candidate who is going to govern by asking us to make choices that we haven't anticipated. and as a result, we're going to feel betrayed to some extent,
for the holiday selling season, samsung can sell its galaxy tablet again in the u.s. a california federal court lifted the sales ban late yesterday. in june, a judge temporarily stopped galaxy sales as samsung and apple fought a patent case in court. in august a jury ruled the south korean company's tablet computer did not infringe on apple's patents. the galaxy 10.1 is an older model, but analysts say it still could deliver big sales for samsung over the holidays. now, what do apple, coca-cola, and ibm have in common? each earned the top three spots on interbrand's annual best global brands list. coca-cola is holding steady at number one for the 12th year in a row. but apple, the maker of the popular iphones and ipads, is close on its heels, jumping to number two thanks to stellar global sales. while tech companies dominate half of the top ten positions on the list, blackberry finds itself at the bottom, plummeting to 93 as the company struggles to reinvent itself. >> down the table, and by no means a prediction of future movement. it's about products, people, culture, and about making sure th
assessments. and today two republican congressmen, oversight committee chairman darrell issa of california and jays leveled new allegations. in a letter to secretary of state clinto they charged washington rejected multiple requests for security improvements at been gas emission. they base their assertions on unidentified sources described as multiple u.s. federal government officials. the state department spokeswoman said the secretary would respond in writing this very day. >> her response is going to be relatively succinct today, as i said, expressing her complete commitment to work with the congress to get fully to the bottom of this. but i don't anticipate she'll be able to answer the specific questions today >> warner: the two congressmen say their committee will hold a hearing next wednesday on the libya attack. meanwhile the f.b.i. has sent a team to libya to determine just what happened. and secretary clinton named a review board to assess security arrangements at that u.s. consulate and others. and while the investigations proceed, the "new york times" reported today that the pen
on the democratic side. i you can see the rage in california. the question for the romney campaign is can they take this great moment a clear win with this new romney. people haven't seen new ideas, smart energy. can they lock the campaign to it and can they now take advantage to really capitalize on the second look he's going to get. >> rose: was the romney you saw tonight the romney u knew, mike. >> yes. a little secret of the romney, i ran his campaign for governor back in 2002, and he won that state by performing really well in the debates. the go you saw tonight, smart, policy-focused, crisp. you look at him and think boy a guy who knows how to run something well. so i think the country in many ways got the first real look at that and then filtered away and now if the romney guys can keep that going for the month they're really back in the race. the next thing the media narrative will need a couple better polls for romney and my guss is they'll get them. they have a real opportunity to move forward. >> rose: john dickerson. >> on the poll of undecided voters right after the debate who watche
, the dow gained more than 1%; the nasdaq was up just over half a percent. gas prices in california spiked overnight, in some places by as much as 20 cents a gallon. the average price of regular gas reached nearly $4.49 a gallon, the highest in the nation. overnight, long lines were seen all over the state as people rushed to fill up before another increase. demand was so high that some costco stations and others ran out and shut down. refinery outages and pipeline problems have contributed to the price hikes. doctors and clinics in 23 states are trying to alert hundreds of patients, and maybe thousands, who could be at risk for fungal meningitis. they may have received contaminated steroid injections for back pain. so far, at least 47 people have been infected in seven states-- indiana, michigan, tennessee, virginia, maryland, florida, and north carolina. five people have died. officials at the center for disease control and prevention in atlanta say a concerted effort is underway. >> they are working with state and local health departments to contact patients who may have received inject
"endeavour" has begun a final, slow-motion journey across los angeles to its new home at the california science center. the retired shuttle left los angeles international airport shortly after midnight, crawling along on a giant carrier. crowds gathered along the way, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. at two miles an hour, endeavour" will need two days to make the 12-mile trip. in advance, crews raised utility lines and cut down 400 trees to make way for the five-story-tall spaceship and its 78-foot wingspan. wall street has closed out a tough week, its worst since june. the dow jones industrial average managed a gain of just two points today to close at 13,328. the nasdaq fell five points to close at 3,044. for the week, the dow lost 2%; the nasdaq fell nearly 3%. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: the nobel peace prize was awarded to a group of a half-billion people today; more specifically, the european union. ray suarez has the story. >> suarez: the announcement caused a stir in oslo this morning. >> the norwegian nobel committee has
emeritus at the university of california los angeles. wall street had a strong start to the week on news of rising retail sales and better-than- expected earnings at citigroup. the dow jones industrial average gained 95 points to close at 13,424. the nasdaq rose 20 points to close at 3064. a 14-year-old pakistani girl who was shot by a taliban gunman was flown to england today for medical treatment. we have a report from lindsey hilsum of independent television news. >> reporter: the ambulance drove slowly from birmingham airport. inside the girl was still sedated as she has been since the taliban bullet penetrated her skull. doctors from the queen elizabeth hospital who were already in pakistan have been attending to her. they believe she has a reasonable chance of recovery in the unit which has treated thousands of soldiers injured in iraq and afghanistan. she left the military hospital this morning flying to the u.k. via dubai. >> she is an inspition example to young people. it was a cowardly attack on her and her school friends trying to retaliate for her own campaign for good access
in berkeley, california. welcome, both of you, dr. wid ra-- widra, beginning with you, on what basis did your group, your committee conclude that this shouldn't be considered experimental any more. that it works as well as using fresh eggs. >> there's been a fair amount of pressure from patients and practitioners over the last years to remove this label of experimental from egg-freezing and thank youing, but there has been very little data published comparing the technique using frozen eggs and fresh eggs and looking at the outcome of the pregnancies. in the last several years there have been studies inly out of europe but some in the the u.s. as well showing near equivalent from fresh eggs from younger woman and frozen eggs in terms of establishing pregnancies and a large series looking at the outcomes of these pregnancies, and the children seem to be doing as wells appears without reproductive technology. >> warner: yet are you limiting its applicable. you're not recommending it for all women who might want something like this. explain the limitations and why. >> sure. what we're saying is
/19/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from california, this is "democracy now!" [cheers] >> having received the majority vote, hereby declared
mother, margaret, they now live in glendale, california, amazingly, first they stayed in baghdad for three years, four years, it got the height of the civil war they fled to syria, and they got asylum in the united states a couple of years ago. the marine who contacted me, lou, h he he lives in san diegoo it turns out after all of this, after all of this time, all of this anguish, one of the guys that put bullets into their car, isabello lives two hours away from the survivors of this terrible accident. >> what was the story when he came back from iraq? >> he is pretty damaged i think, i think they all were. you know, it was a very strange circumstance. it was an intersection, i mean this sort of thick happened a lot in iraq, but there was an intersection, 1,065,000 american troops are con verbaling on baghdad, this is april 8 of 2003, it is day before saddam hussein fell, and as they walked into the city, suddenly iraqi army, what was level of it opened fire so they got into this gigantic firefight and fired thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozen of mar trees were wounded.
, california and nevada. republican challenger mitt romney was also on the move in the opposite direction: starting with an event in nevada, and planning to end the day in iowa. president obama won iowa in 2008, but it's a toss-up this year. he argued today the choice is between a known quantity and a candidate who keeps changing his views. >> trust matters. and... and... and here's the thing. iowa, you know me. you know... you know that i say what i mean and i mean what i say. you could take a videotape of things i've said 10 years ago, 12 years ago and you'd say, man, this is the same guy, has the same values, cares about the same people... ( cheers ) ...doesn't forget where he came from. knows who he's fighting for. ( cheers ) >> brown: the preside also to the "des moes register" that if he wins, a big reason will be that republicans "alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the latino community." he predicted the g.o.p. will join him in finally passing major immigration reform. for his part, romney fired back in reno, nevada. he said the president's been reduced
, to study kpun cases. i went to california to do international relations then went to london-- it was really just any excuse to be able to be kept by my parents in a way. in london i fell into photography. >> rose: how did you fall into it. >> it's a really funny story. i believe so much that things come to you. and basically i went to a friend's house forlunch and threas a fot owe of himself on his mantle piece. and i said what a great photograph. and he told me this girl studying photography here took it. i said i have always heard of this girl i would love to meet her. i went to meet her at her school. when a rifed if he school she said to me what are you doing. i said well i have applied to the university. and they have me don't need me for next year but i need a school if i want to stay because i need a student visa. she said why don't you join the school. an eye rannian girl left the school we are only six students and if you can afford it they will probably accept you. i applied. i gt it three months later the teacher died. he was only him, really, the fetcher. and like two days late
down and talk? lawerance was sent here from california. and he said he was involved with gangs and drugs. he lost some people very close to him and came here to get away from that, and that's how he ended up here at sharpstown. what's wrong, what's going on? what happened? his mom has been in and out of prison, d i think that affects him a lot, that he has no control over her, you know, and what happens to her, so he goes all day thinking about it and being sad, and then just kind of gets to that point where it wells up and he can't control it anymore. >> okay, but let's be honest. what was she doing? >> don't take today and make it the way your life is permanently. today is just a bad day. >> you have not. i have seen you. lawerance, you're telling me that... >> you love your mother. love her. respect her. but do something with your life so that you don't end up like that. do you want to graduate? you don't care? >> it's going to get better, i promise you. i know it's hard now, but it's going to get better. i can't look at somebody like lawerance or marcus and not want to do e
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